A Welcome Change

Remember when I said I didn’t want to switch the story I was working on? Then I said I was being distracted by my trilogy? Well, I’m sure it will surprise no one that I am putting all my effort into my fantasy trilogy. Although it might end up a duology.

I’ve only temporarily abandoned The Order of Life. Since it was still in the plotting stage I only feel a tiny big of writer’s guilt. Also I’m thankful for it because if I hadn’t started world building it, I would have never realized what was wrong with the other story.  As I worked on the culture I kept thinking of the trilogy and finally started jotting down notes.

It took over. I knew it would, even though I fought it. Then I realized it wasn’t a bad thing to want to work on my original WIP. For a long time it weighed me down because it was broken. Now I can see a way to fix it. It’s exciting and encouraging. Now the trick it to make sure no other stories distract me. I have hope I can exercise some discipline. This story is the most important thing I’ve ever worked on.

It’s the story many people tried to stop me from writing. The idea came to me in 2003 on an airplane while on the way to destroy my life get married. My ex-husband pretended to be happy for me and encouraged me to write it at first. Then after a month or so subtly used it to undermine my confidence. Not long after I put it aside. When the relationship ended, less than a year later, I picked the story back up.

There was a major problem though. I wasn’t a good enough writer to write it. I don’t mean I was terrible, I mean I was a beginner. I’d been writing for years but it’s the same story, another ex hated that I wrote and did everything he could to get me to stop. It worked. So when I started this super involved epic fantasy story I wasn’t in a place to be able to do a good job. Still, I kept working on it. If you don’t write, you can’t get better was my motto.

Over the years, people, children, life, etc stopped me from working on it. Let’s not forget fear, a major obstacle for me.

In a way because I associated the story with bad times in my life, working on it was torture. Then I met my husband. He was the only man in my life to want me to write. He encouraged me and meant it. He’s the reason I now write full-time.

So, I’ve got story boards on the wall over my bed for the story where I can see it every day. It intimidated me but stayed in my head. I worked on getting better at writing, mostly trying my hand at short stories. I like to think I got good at it. Then I started writing novel length stuff, still avoiding the trilogy.

Then the back problems started, stalling everything. Now I’ve had surgery and I’m recovery fast and back to writing daily.

I didn’t know when I started writing a new story that the old one would intrude but I couldn’t be happier. I look at this story and I see a challenge and a damn good idea. There are no more negatives associated with it except I’ll have to work hard to fix it and scrap a lot of what I’ve already written. But that’s the gig.

One of my plans to help with it is to write some short stories involving the characters. I wrote four already and three of them will make it into my first draft. The fourth helped clarify some things about a character I didn’t know very well so it wasn’t a waste of time.

I’ve managed to change a two character names that didn’t fit with the culture and the spelling of my villains name, which was a bigger deal than it seems.

There is a clear picture in my head of the various realms in the. I now know how these people live, what’s important to them, who they are. I can envision the desert, the farmland, the tundra, the valley no one is allowed to enter, the pyroclastic volcano used to imprison a god, etc. World building is fun! I hope I don’t overdo it.

Expect to start seeing excerpts posted soon and maybe a couple of the short stories. I’m getting back to work, more updates will be forthcoming.

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