Update – May 16, 2016

I made a lot of progress on my work in progress. Then there was the backsliding. The story itself is moving forward well but character and place names are giving me trouble. A couple of major players needed new monikers as theirs didn’t fit their respective culture. Plus I had too many names with similar sounds.

Over the last two days I’ve agonized over them and researched names and finally I think I have most of them where I want them. For now.

Taking the time to do some world building has really helped the story. I did this when I first started writing it but over time it’s changed so much I figured I should start over, concentrating on new cultural stuff. Religion specifically plays a huge part. Not real life religion, although I pulled from many actual religions to make my own. My villain is worshiped fanatically by her followers in a world where honoring the gods has become more of a habit than a belief system.

So I’ve spent a lot of time on what motivates these people. It’s interesting work. On the other hand figuring out what motivates, or doesn’t, some of the cultures where religion isn’t as important in daily life is fascinating. There is even one part of my world where the humans live with their god and mourn his murdered mate with a deep abiding sense of loss.

I hope I can do this world justice as I write it.

On a personal note, I’ve been working out on a regular basis and I’m getting stronger. An added bonus was the return of my concentration. I go from the gym to wherever I’m going to write and I am able to stay focused. It doesn’t hurt that I’m sleeping better since starting this exercise business. Flightiness is still an issue but not in the mornings.

Normal is getting closer to reality for me, well as normal as I get. It also helps to not be taking anything other than muscle relaxers and Tylenol for my back pain. My last follow-up with the surgeon, assuming all goes well, is next month. I’m hoping by then I won’t need any meds.

More writing updates will be coming soon!




  1. The idea of worship being more of a habit is an interesting angle for a story. I would think an author would go the other way instead seeing that society today does have this same affliction of saying grace at meals because it’s always been done and trot off to church or temple once a week because it’s part of the routine for that day. You may be able to send out a terrific message with this.

    A little physical exertion helps me focus too. I think that’s why I hate the weekends. Not enough alone time for exercise.

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