Everything Update – 5/23/2016

Writing: Everything is going well with my trilogy. I’m still world building. I’ve got the culture stuff mostly figured out and while I know what I want in my world, I now need to work on the details.

I previously wrote quite a bit of this story but the setting was vague. I didn’t waste time describing trees, I simply said ‘forest’ and went back to the characters were doing. My beautiful, unique desert is clear in my head but I need to figure out all the practical stuff to get it down on paper. The sand lions need a realistic place to live after all!

The aspects of culture took a long time to get down but what I’m working on now won’t take as long. I’m not going to break my neck trying to figure out every aspect of every place, thing and type of magic before I write scenes. However, if I make enough of the world I’ll be able to move forward with the story more efficiently. I refuse to get lost in years of world building. I’m treating it as a battle plan and fully expect it to fall apart as I write.

Can you imagine spending weeks on an amazing city, with every detail figured out. Everything from how the buildings look to how the sewers smell. From the streets paved with an unknown substance to how the rooftops glow at twilight. You can know exactly what the rich eat and what the poor steal. It’s beautiful, a work of art and the thing you’re most proud of. Now, how are you going to feel when as you’re writing you realize your characters aren’t going to go to this city because it doesn’t fit the evolved plot.

I don’t want world building to break my heart! So I’m building as much as I need to write the scenes that come to me and will change what I need to as I go. This means I’ll be writing and building at the same time. It might sound confusing but it works for me. As long as I don’t slip into editing mode it will be fine.

As for other writing things, I’m going to make more of an effort to write some short fiction. There are times I won’t want to, or won’t be able to work on my work in progress. Writing flash fiction is a good way to not only keep my head in the game, but it’s an excellent way to get me back on track if I fall off the trilogy wagon. Sometimes a story can overwhelm you as you work on it and make you not want to write it anymore. Writing something else, especially something short and quick can help. Completing a story of any length gives a sense of accomplishment and sometimes is the confidence boost you need to go tackle your project again. At least for me it works.

This trilogy has overwhelmed me before, or more accurately caused me to be overwrought. I put it aside many times. The most recent was for the best but all the previous times were not good. So now I am determined to finish it, with acceptable short breaks to come up for air.

I have officially given up on the Story A Day May challenge. It’s a good thing for a lot of people but this time I’ve been particularly unhappy with the prompts. The few pieces of flash fiction I’ve written had nothing to do with the challenge (click here for the most recent one). I think I can write a story a day (which I did in September) but I will do it on my own instead of being limited by something I’m not enjoying. I wish the people participating the best of luck. It’s funny how some prompts work for some people but do nothing for other writers. For all I know I could go back to this challenge in a couple of months and love each one because my mood is different.

Health: I don’t know how I’m doing. In some ways I feel great. I’ve been working out regularly and I’m stronger than ever. The problem is my back hurts daily. Some of it is muscle pain, which I was told was normal at this stage. However, that was weeks ago. I don’t know if it’s still normal.

I suspect I am to blame for this particular issue. The way I sit when writing is not good. I try but often catch myself slumping or bending forward too much. In fact, as I typed that last sentence I had to make myself sit up straight!

The other pain issue is at the surgery site. It’s been hurting in odd ways. I’m going to see the doctor soon but I’m getting concerned. I hope going to the gym isn’t messing me up. I don’t think so because I always feel great, with no pain after I work out, besides my arms when I do weights (I’m wimpy).

Tylenol is my frenemy. I have to use it, almost daily but I hate taking any medicine and of course don’t like being reliant on it. I wish I could take Advil or Aleve instead because they last longer and work better for this type of pain. They also can make my recovery from the surgery take longer so I’m out of luck.

My ultimate goal is to not need any pain pills. We’ll see what the doctor says.

Photography: I went out a few times and took pictures! Unfortunately the days I chose were either rainy or still wet after the rain so I didn’t do a lot of walking around. Damp feet and a wet camera are not something I want. There were some good pictures but I need to go out on a sunny day. Actually, an overcast day would suit me better.

Reading: Not much to report. I’ve been writing more than reading.

Gaming: When my back allows, I have been playing Diable 3 with my husband again. I always forget how much I love it until I start up again. At the end of the summer the next expansion of WoW comes out. It’s safe to assume I will be playing it a lot, pain or shine!

Regular junk: I’m able to do regular household chores and cook but I’m having trouble getting back in the habit. I did manage to clean off my desk, which is always a large undertaking. ‘They’ say a messy desks indicates a creative mind. If this is true then I’m the most creative person on earth.

I’m hoping to get some writing done at home now that I have surfaces clear. I enjoy getting out of the house but it’s a silly to only be able to write while out and about.

If the weather goes bad during my regular writing time I don’t want to sit staring at an empty piece of paper or a blank screen wishing I could go to my regular coffee shop to write. The things I did to get more organized should help. We’ll see.

Oh and I successfully gave up Coca-Cola. I’m still drinking Sprite and ginger-all but I’ll give those up eventually too.

Music: This is a new category in my everything updates. I should probably put it under writing because I listen to music while I write, at least when I’m not at home. I need to find some new stuff. I am the ultimate creature of habit but even I can get tired of listening to the same songs over and over.

Pandora One is trying it’s hardest to help me but I keep skipping lol. Most of the new stuff that pops up is annoying. This leads me to believe it’s time to go with to something  completely different since Pandora picks songs that sound similar to what you like. I mostly listen to hard rock. However, I haven’t heard any new hard rock in ages. For a while every new song was blah or gimmicky so I stopped listening to the radio.

It’s been a year since I tried new stuff sadly. Hearing all the old stuff I love is starting to be distracting. Who wants to stop writing to skip a song? Unfortunately I do exactly that. I’ll do the same thing with new stuff but it will probably be worth it.

Alternative band had me for a while but I’m done with those for a while too. I don’t like most R & B and I refuse to listen to rap, with a few exceptions. Even though I live in Texas, country music isn’t really my thing. Soft rock annoys me and pop is hit or miss. I’m the type who likes a good song, regardless of genre so it’s not like I suffer hearing the types I’m not the biggest fan of. So I’m down to finding new hard rock. Wish me luck, I’m so picky this will be hard.

This post ended up much longer than I intended. This is becoming a regular thing, which is good. I’m still a little flighty after the surgery but at least I now have something to say and the ability to write it!




  1. Whenever I come up with cool world building things that don’t end up getting used, I just save them. You never know when you might need a great setting for a short story or background novella. ^-^ Of course, in my case the extra world building is mainly from old RPs that didn’t get off the ground; but there are also many places and details for my perpetual novella that won’t make it on to paper for a long time, if ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry you still have to rely on medicine even if it’s Tylenol. I hate the over-the-counter stuff myself but am so relieved when I feel it working.

    Your mention of the world-building you’re doing reminds me that I should stop writing the story and do some building myself. I’ve been using Bing maps but that only handles what can be seen and doesn’t include both day and night at that.

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