It’s Definitely a Tuesday

Tuesdays generally suck for me. Im sitting in the surgeon’s waiting room. I’ve been here for an hour. There are seven of us waiting. My doctor isn’t a jerk, he’s performing a surgery.

Obviously I don’t want him to rush but I wish he was finished.

For a spine surgeon he has the most uncomfortable chairs. Also, this has messed up my tight schedule. I will have to put off the gym until after the stupid court thing I have to go to. It might not sound like a big deal but working out is really the only thing, besides pills, that helps with the back pain.

I was hoping this would be my last follow up but I’m in too much hurt to think I’m done with doctors.

I will find out if I still need this particular doctor though. I like him but I hope I never see him again!

I’ll post an update after I see him.

Pardon any formatting issues as I wrote this on my phone.


  1. I spent the a.m. at the doctor’s office too. I’ve had the same Internal Med Doc for 15 years. I changed health plans and my regular doctor is no longer covered … at all. I was pleased with the 73-year old guy I met this morning and feel so much better that I’m over this hurdle. I hope everything works out for you, little one. I know this must really be tough as a young Mom. I send you blessings and sisterhood support. We shall conquer all!

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  2. I hope you got in and out in time even for your court appearance. It seems to me he overbooked his schedule. I also hope he gave you the green light to move on to another doctor who is schedule-ly minded and has comfortable chairs in his or her waiting room.

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