Everything Update – 6/14/2016

Writing: It’s going better than it has in a long time. I’m still working on characters. Until yesterday I was struggling with names, which interfered with me actually writing occasionally. Now I’ve settled on permanent names and I feel I can get back to figuring them out. It seems to be taking a long time to do all this pre-writing work but it’s been worth it.

I was previously a seat of my pants type of writer. That’s all fine and good at times and for some people but not me. I learned I need some planning to avoid writing myself in a corner or losing interest.

I’m somewhere between a planner and a pantser, or as the people from Nanowrimo say: a plantser. A lot of writers believe if they plan then the writing isn’t organic or they lose the creative edge. I believed it too. However, I figured out that even if some of the writing is a chore after I do the planning, I’m still just a girl making stuff up. It doesn’t matter if my muse is working during the first stage or the second or whenever.

Besides, writing is work. Like any job, there are going to be parts you don’t like doing. You know what I don’t like doing? Writing something organically and getting to a point where I realize I can’t use it or have to rewrite part of it. Maybe even realizing I don’t know where I’m going with it and struggling to figure out the next scene.

Too much time was spent writing this way and I kept stopping, for weeks, months and sometimes years at a time. I refuse to let it happen again. So, I do a little planning and I write steadily now.

After I finish with character back stories I’ll get back to world building but it will be minimal, only enough to get me started again. I have a pretty firm picture in my head of what most of the realms look like. I need to work on the tundra and glacier area, learn more about what grows in the desert and what the land is like bordering the desert. I suppose I need more research than world building but they go hand in hand.

Other Writer: I have several ideas for short stories and I plan to write one for a flash fiction contest. I can’t guarantee I’ll actually enter it but I’ll write it. When it comes to contests I’m the Cowardly Lion. Eventually I’ll find the guts to do it but I don’t know when.

I’ve been going regularly to a writing group. It’s going great. I think every writer needs to be around other writers at least occasionally. I definitely missed it. Everyone gets along and there is so much to talk about every time. Several members of the group went to The Writer’s Academy last week and talked about it on Sunday. This is something I want to do next year so it was great to hear how well it went. There are many different week-long courses. They went to one about self publishing. There are several I’m interested in so I’ll have to make a decision when they announce them next year.

Medical: I’ve been put in physical therapy by the neurosurgeon. My x-rays looked great and I’m healing perfectly but I have a lot of pain from the surgery site up to between my shoulder blades. He said it’s normal and the therapy should help. My insurance is covering it at 100% so I’m all for it. Actually, this is the first time I’ve been happy to go to physical therapy.

It is not the funnest thing but I want to get better so I’m an enthusiastic participant. I get super uncomfortable doing the stuff required so I crack jokes often about the awkwardness. My therapist laughs but I think he doesn’t know what to make of me.

I’m going back to the pain doctor at the end of this month for a follow-up about the pain in my toes. The medication is working but sometimes I still feel the pain. I refuse to raise the dosage of the meds though. I was hoping the pain would be gone by now but it was not to be. The PT guy has me doing exercises that aggravate the nerve right now but after some time will help. I still like him though.

Just about me: I saw Warcraft on Sunday and I loved it. The critics didn’t but most of them don’t play the game so they were judging it as just a movie. As a player, I was happy with it. There were some flaws but I didn’t care. I hope they make several sequels. There is so much lore to pull from. Also, it sparked my interest in playing World of Warcraft again. Since the new expansion comes out in August I’m glad. My husband is super glad since we play together.

I also saw X-men Apocalypse recently. I adored it. I don’t care that it wasn’t precisely like the comics. It was interesting, fun, full of action and meant something to me. What more could I ask for?

Reading: Not much to report here. I spend my time writing instead of reading for now.

Photography +: I’ve been taking a photography class online. It’s going well. I was always decent at taking pictures but once I got a good camera I only understood part of it. I knew how the functions worked but I didn’t truly know how to utilize them. Now I get it. My photos have gotten so much better. The higher my skill level gets the more I can concentrate on the creative side of things.

I spent a lot of time in my life with no creative outlet. Now I have several ways to express myself and it’s wonderful. I’ve even been drawing a little. I’m not very good but I’m better than I realized. We keep a white erase board on our fridge that everyone draws on. One day I decided to draw on of the cartoon characters the kids liked when they were little, Danny Phantom. It took some effort but I did it well enough the kids knew who it was, even though it was all with dry erase markers and I had to pull up pictures online and go super slow.

After that I drew Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and Rufus. Then one of the Powerpuff girls and Luna from Sailor Moon. I probably won’t put a lot of effort into drawing right now but it was fun doing all that. My mother is good at drawing, two or my nieces are great and my two daughters and one of my sons are amazing at it. I shouldn’t be surprised I have a little ability hiding somewhere in me. I feel like I could be decent if I tried but I have enough on my plate. Maybe someday.


  1. I hope you decide to enter into that short story contest! It is always a terrifying thing to do, but also, regardless of the outcome, so gratifying. Good luck with everything and keep writing! 🙂

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  2. Yes, I can totally relate to writing yourself into a corner! But the planning part is hard too – well, a lot of aspects of writing is work. Glad to hear it is working for you: that is inspiration itself.

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    1. Planning can definitely be hard but I try not to do too much because I assume all my plans will change as I write. Sometimes making a simple timeline is all the planning I need and other times I need to do some hefty world building and an index card outline (I hate regular outlines and never do them). I try to leave enough room for creative side trips always.

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  3. Kristi, your approach to your writing project is exactly what I’ve just started to do. Like you, I wanted to be a pantser, set my butt in the seat and just run my fingers over the keys to weave out a story. Also like you, I’ve finally realized I back myself into corners, get lost not knowing what should be in the next scene, or just plain losing interest in the whole darn thing. I’m working on my main character. I still have several characters to do. I have my premise and my blurb. I still need to write my main narrative strand. So far my confidence is climbing out of the gutter so all of this must be a good thing.

    Did your PT therapist give you stuff to do at home? If so, be sure to do it, and keep on doing it. I found that to be the most crucial.

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  4. I definitely stink at planning out my writing but I think it would be helpful for me to make out some outlines so I don’t get stuck during certain moments of the plot! I think I may try to do this more often!

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