Quick Update

This is more of an update to yesterday’s update. In it I stated I hoped to finish up with characters that day or today. Well, add my plan to the large pile of plans that didn’t work out. I was only able to work for forty-five minutes before I had to go home and do the photography course. It sucks but it was for a good reason

It started a few days ago. I was at my normal writing spot completely into what I was doing when something made me look up. It was just in time to see one of the girls who works there pull out the thing that holds tea/coffee grounds and drop it. The grounds went all over her hand. She was clearly hurt but only stood and stared at the ground. One of the other workers ran over and after some coaxing, got this poor young lady to go to the hospital.

Fast forward to Monday, she was back at work. Her hand was wrapped up and she kept it behind her back. Her stance showed how much pain she was in and her face was full of frustration.

Now I go to the place almost every day. I don’t precisely know the people working but I’m friendly with all of them. I spent some time talking to her about how she was doing. Second degree burns and little memory of what happened plague her. When the accident happened she went into shock. She told me when her coworker came running she only said “Why are you running?” Her friend had to tell her, she didn’t remember saying it. She laughed about it, but all I could think was it was a good thing her manager talked her into going to the hospital. Poor thing!

I don’t know how long we talked but when I got back to writing I realized I only had thirty minutes left. I’d only worked for 15 minutes before talking to the girl. It didn’t help that I took so much time to write the long post before getting down to work. Oh well, I don’t regret my choices.

It simply means I have to get a lot done today. I went to the gym, then instead of driving further away to go to ‘my’ spot, I just drove across the street to another place. It’s a different location of the same grocery store chain I frequent. Both places have a coffee/tea shop inside them and large seating areas. This one is set up in a way I don’t care for but I’m not so uncomfortable I can’t write. That said, I despise the chairs here and will probably regret this decision later.

They have a good salad bar so I plan to eat here and work until time for physical therapy. If I go home I will get distracted. If I can finish building my characters today I can start really writing either today or tomorrow.

Once I get really into the story I assume you will see less updates from me for a time. I tend to get lost when I’m making stuff up! It’s certainly happened as I’ve worked on characters.

As for my back, well, I didn’t get on the bike today but I could only use the elliptical for 12 minutes before it started hurting. It was a strange arc. I got to the gym with lots of pain. A couple of minutes into cardio I had no pain. Then right before the twelve-minute mark the weird pain from yesterday showed up. I’ll talk to the therapist about it this afternoon.

One last update, then I’m getting to work. My eye is still twitching! It’s very distracting. Maybe this is my muse telling me to give one of my characters a tic…


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  1. Hmm… a tic. Those are the kinds of traits I forget about. Fidgeting fingers, heel tapping, biting the lip are the ones I gravitate to. I’ve got to get more creative.

    Being a writer is being self-employed. This is obvious of course, but I state it to say more. When in business for yourself, you have the frustration and the luxury of deciding when you work and when you don’t. You determine what is important–no one else decided this. You determined that your compassion for the young clerk was important enough to stop your work for a short time. I applaud you for this. It’s wonderful to see how a person feels matters to someone else. Bravo!

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