Bad Day? Maybe, Probably, Okay Yes.

Well, I just compared a specific human to a tapeworm so I’m thinking yes, I’m having a bad day. Have you ever had one of those days where anger, or irritation, crept up on you?

I didn’t know it was happening. It started with wanting some information. Before too long I came to the conclusion the info should have been forthcoming long ago. A vague grumpiness at the situation developed, then the universe produced a figurative air pump it became full-blown irritation before I had really analyzed what was bugging me.

Some attempts were made to defuse the situation but when my direct question was answered with words that equaled nothing, it got worse. Finally I realized I’d been irritated for quite some time about this junk.

The problem is I despise negativity. I can’t handle it for very long and as a result I either try to resolve issues quickly (too quickly some would say) or I push them away (mostly this one). So I quietly and unknowingly let it all build up for weeks into a just as quiet explosion.

I’m sitting here pissed off and besides some lengthy text complaining to a friend, I’m not really doing anything about it. Pretending a tapeworm doesn’t exist only helps the tapeworm though. Unfortunately I’ll probably just walk away from the situation.

This post sounds passive-aggressive in its vagueness right? I’m not trying to be, I’m simply trying to not call people out.

The point is I let something negative grow until I’m miserable and it’s affecting everything. For example, this morning I decided to work on a quick timeline for my novel. Well, it didn’t end up being anything resembling fast but it was helpful. I found some holes that need to be filled in my plot and I changed the order of a few events. I planned on doing actual writing after lunch but haven’t because I got pissy.

At this point I’m not sure how to turn the day around. I don’t want to wallow in self-pity. My plan is to make some new plot cards and take a look at the story as a whole on a story board and from there I hope I’ll write.

If you want some free advice, don’t bottle up emotions or you might also find yourself comparing people to parasites and trust me, it feels as ridiculous and petty (if a tiny bit satisfying) as it sounds.



  1. You CAN be specific about what exactly is irritating you without naming names. If others (or the irritant) figure out WHO you are mad at, well, at least they will know WHY; but you did not name them specifically, so you’re technically covered.
    I’m in a similar situation at work. I haven’t named the specific coworker/slacker I’m irritated with to my supervisor, but I’ve let her know what behavior to watch for and in what part of the shop.

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  2. We’re alike on this one. I let things lay thinking it will only happen this once. Then it happens again and I tuck it away thinking it’s just a fluke. This goes on for a while, each time I put it aside telling myself I’m keeping my blood pressure in check. But finally, I blow. I’ve had it with the person being so moronic, senseless, and self-serving. I get pissy [like this word] all over them and am grumpy for a few days.


  3. I’ve often had this problem, especially at work. It gets worse when you feel like you really can’t do anything about the problem because of red tape and other people hearing but not addressing your concerns. But I also discovered that I’ve kept something bottled-up, something that I didn’t want to address to myself, about myself, for my entire adult life so far—and once I came to terms with it I feel like a great weight was lifted, and I’ve been going about life a lot more stress-free since. I’m not saying that’s going to be true for anybody, I’m not trying to give you such advice. But you’re right that it isn’t healthy to keep these things for too long, like days, weeks or even years. Hope it gets better for you.


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