Flash Fiction – Finding The Right Tactic

Ten year old Jack watched his mother carefully as she prepared what she called her morning “wake up” drink. It didn’t look so hard to make, he thought. He might even be able to do it himself. Still, he hated getting in trouble so he would try to get permission before being sneaky.

“Mom, why do I always have to drink little kid stuff?” he blurted out. Oops.

“Because,” she replied in her annoyed tone.

Frustration overtook good sense. “Because why? It’s not fair! I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want a grown up beverage.” Maybe he was going about this wrong. He plastered on his sweetest smile and prepared to charm her.

This was an argument they had every morning for two weeks so he was surprised when his mom fixed him the adult drink and sat it in front of him. Wide-eyed, he stared at it for several moments before taking a sip. When it didn’t burn his tongue he took a longer swig, finishing half.

“This is really good. What is it?”


Jack finished it off. “May I have some more please?” he asked in his most polite voice. He feared he was pushing her too far but she only nodded and filled his glass again.

His mother’s odd little smile confused him but the water was so good and he felt so grown up, he didn’t even complain when she dumped his triple mocha latte. He was glad he won this round but hoped she would give in regularly.


It’s always struck me as strange seeing young kids drinking coffee drinks. I hated coffee as a kid and it was always a grown up drink to me. I know it’s not any different than someone drinking a soda, in fact, it’s probably more healthy. Still, it’s odd and makes me feel old. You know, the whole ‘kids these days’ thoughts we all eventually have.



  1. A triple mocha latte? Yes, I’d say that’s a weird “kid’s” drink. Then I was brought up on milk [just the latte I guess]. I had read somewhere way long ago that coffee works just the opposite on young children, making them sleepy. By the time they hit school age though, it’ll hipe them up to the max.

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