New Year, Same Me (But With New Goals)

So it’s 2017. This is a time of making resolutions and writing the wrong year on everything requiring a date. Lasts year sucked so we all hope this year is a fresh start. I keep seeing posts about a ‘new year and a new me.’ I wish I could say that but the only real change for me is a new deductible for all the potential medical junk coming up.

Did any of you make resolutions? I didn’t, not exactly. I have goals and hopes but New Year’s resolutions are too easily said and broken for me to go that route.

I do intend to make this a better year. It’s as good a transition time as any. A couple of good things have already happened. I won the scholarship to the West Texas Writer’s Academy. I’m not sure anything can top this one, except actually attending. I hear it’s a great writing recharge, which I desperately need.

The other good thing has to do with a free car. It’s a long, complicated story but boils down to a temporary fix to a major problem my family has dealt with for a while. It’s a used car with many problems and eventually will go to one of my adult children, if they ever decide they want to learn to drive (I’ll never understand).

Onto my plans for the year. I’m calling them goals because, as previously mentioned, I feel resolutions are too easily broken. It’s easy to not take them seriously. Goals, on the other hand, especially writing goals are important enough to try my hardest. They are more permanent (until completed), more real.

Goal time. Most of these will be writing related but not all, here goes:


  • Write often. I want to say write every day but with all my back problems I don’t think it’s feasible. So I will write as often as I can. If it ends up being everyday then I’ll mentally jump for joy.
  • Revise/edit. All of them. I have five finished novels (first drafts) and two almost completed ones. I want to take the time to fix/rewrite what needs it. I included the two partials here because I need to revise some of what I’ve written to fit in some side story, which both desperately need to be full stories.
  • Write books two and three of my fantasy trilogy. I have the first one done, minus revisions. My plan is to revise book one before I write the other two because it makes sense not to waste my time writing something that could/will be changed. I believe it’s possible to get both first drafts completed. I don’t know if I will be able to revise both this year with all the other projects in line before them.
  • Blog more often, and read (and respond to) other blogs more often too. I love reading others’ work but with all the stuff I’ve been through this last year, I’ve barely been able to keep up. I read them as much as I can but haven’t been able to comment very often. Still, I want to get back on track. As for my own blog, expect some changes in the next couple of months!
  • Write a lot of short stories. I intend to write as much flash fiction as I can but I also want to spend some time crafting longer short stories. It’s one of my weak points. I can write really short stuff with little in the way of details but longer stuff I struggle with. It really does come down to description. I despise reading pages worth of how a forest looks and it causes me trouble in my own writing. Once I have my mental image I don’t need any more words on it. I feel like too much is boring and too little doesn’t give the reader a clear enough picture. The trick is to find the happy medium. Unfortunately my medium is too close to not enough. I’m working on it.
  • Finally put together a collection of flash fiction and publish it. I need at least three more stories I love for it. I’ve written many pieces but only some have made the cut. As any other writers out there know, it’s hard being your own worst critic.
  • Also finish up another project for publication. I’ll explain this one at a later time.
  • This one requires a confession. I want to write on Wednesdays again. It was always my day to write, no matter what. Then life happened. I generally don’t write when my husband is off. Not only would I rather spend time with him but also I’m easily distracted when my family is around. So my day off from writing is whatever day off he has. It was never Wednesdays, until it was. His schedule changes every six months or so. When he eventually got ‘my’ day off it really messed me up. So I haven’t been writing on Wednesdays. Then I got used to it. He went to Thursdays off and I still couldn’t write in the middle of the week. That made two straight days when I wasn’t getting anything accomplished. Now he’s changing back to Wednesdays off. My goal is to write a little in the morning, then spend the rest of the day with him. I know it sounds complicated but the real goal is to teach myself to write even when there are a lot of distractions, just like I advocate on this blog.
  • The most important goal I have is to break out of this writing funk I’ve been in. I will find a way.

Everything else:

  • Work out regularly. I mostly do this one now but I’ve found when things go south it’s too easy to let it slide for a while. Getting back on track is hard so I’m going to try to not mess this one up.
  • Get back on the physical therapy wagon. I’ve been neglecting my home exercises and yes I’m an idiot.
  • Watch more TV with my husband. Odd? Well, I’ve never been the type to spend every evening parked on the couch. I don’t want to become that person but I do miss the weekly TV times with my honey. It will be easier when the shows we watch aren’t on break.
  • Read the books on my to read pile, while not adding to it for a while. Is that laughter I hear? Maybe I should just say I’ll read as much as I can and leave it there.
  • Bring my bags into the grocery store. I wish Texas would pass a law banning the use of plastic bags. If I was required to use my own then maybe I would remember to grab the twenty or so bags in the back of my car when I go shopping.
  • Make more lists and look at them. I’m a list person. I need them and love them. The problem? I write things down because my memory is shot after all the pain meds I was on and hormonal changes (damn thyroid and all the rest) but I also forget to look at some of the lists. I need to come up with a system. Maybe have a spot specifically for my multitude of lists so I always know where to find them. I don’t know how to force myself to remember to look at them though. I’ll figure it out though. I have a thing for clipboards too so I imagine they will be part of my solution.
  • My desk. This one is too complicated to explain but I’ll say I need to keep my desk(s) tidy.
  • Talk to my doctor about my allergy issues. Shots will not be allowed.
  • Cook dinner more often.
  • Yell at my offspring about the kitchen table daily. For some reason the table is a catch-all. NO MORE!
  • Ditto on my daughter’s bedroom.
  • Eat a bit more healthy.
  • Cut back on iced tea. Don’t ask.
  • The typical lose weight thing needs to make the list.
  • More date nights.
  • No more getting on the floor with the dogs. It hurts, I do it anyway, it must stop.
  • Photography, period.


I’m sure I could add a million more things to both lists but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I wish everyone well with their goals or resolutions. All it takes is belief and effort. We’ve got this!



  1. “I won the scholarship to the West Texas Writer’s Academy.” – congratulations.

    “Now he’s changing back to Wednesdays off. My goal is to write a little in the morning” – 4 more weeks and I am done with my 52 weeks journey with the letter “W”. Thanks for starting me in this journey. 96 posts and eight more to go.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on your writing scholarship!
    A note about lists in case it helps: I keep one list (daily to dos) in my catchall day runner, yes, I still use a paper one. And then I put the 3-5 big goals for the month on sticky notes which live next to my laptop on the shelf, so I see them every time I go to my computer.

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