Flash Fiction – Feylan

Feylan Hepirath noted when she started feeling weighed down but kept her mind on the task at hand. It was odd when the gash over her eye stopped bleeding but she was grateful to see clearly again.

Slash, stab, parry, repeat – she made her way through the enemy. Somehow she made it to the opposing commander. She didn’t want to guess how many she’d killed to get there. When she took his head, the rest of his men fled.

She turned to her own troops and signaled to let them go. As one, the soldiers dropped to one knee and bowed their heads for a moment. When they rose, every eye was on her. What were they doing?

As the battle rage left her, Feylan became aware of the change. She lifted an arm and saw she wore gauntlets instead of her regular leather gloves. Her eyes searched her entire body and found it covered in shining silver armor. Never had she seen a brighter set of the magic armor one could only earn by acts of ultimate selflessness, nobility of spirit, and bravery. It was no wonder she’d felt both heavier and stronger while fighting. For a time, she’d been untouchable. The armor must have healed her but she didn’t want to take off the glove to touch her eyebrow.

She could believe it. She’d only witnessed one other person gain their armor, though there were several in the realm. Still, it was rare to be chosen.

Shifting her gaze back to her hand, she studied the design carved into the metal. Shock coursed through her as she realized the rank the design indicated.

Oh hells, she didn’t have time to deal with it. There was a war to win, independence to be won. Still, she would take advantage of it to help her people. Using her new title, she signaled for her soldiers to quit the field. They needed the rest and apparently, there was a coronation to plan.

Feylan the Great, first queen of Hepirath, led her people to victory and freedom. She ruled for many years and had numerous adventures, but those are tales for another day.

This story was inspired by a picture prompt use in my writing group. It was a close-up of a woman’s face. She was wearing a helmet and the hilt of a sword covered her nose and mouth. So all you could see were the armor, the sword, and her eyes.

I jotted down two different ideas on Sunday when I first saw the photo and let them germinate for a while. I wasn’t sure which direction I would go.

Today, when I pulled out my notebook, I knew what I wanted to write. This is the first thing I’ve written (besides a blog post) since before last Sunday. After the week I had, I’m happy to be writing again.


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