Flash Fiction – Geoffrey Saves The Day


“Thank the spirits you saved me from that monster,” Princess Mirielle said with a curtsy. “What is your name?”

“Twas nothing my lady. Saving damsels in distress is what I do. I am called Geoffrey.”

“You do this often? Why? For the glory or some reward?”

“No, for most don’t know of my deeds,” her liberator answered humbly.

“Whatever the reason, I thank you for rescuing me and keeping my virtue intact.”

“How did that horrible creature come to possess you?”

“As I walked in the woods of my father’s lands I came upon him. He was injured and seemed innocent enough. He desperately needed help, so I took him into my care. I thought James a good man, but when he was well, he stole me away and brought me to this cave. You arrived just in time.”

“I am glad he did not ravage you. I could not allow it.”

“Pardon me for asking, but why would it matter to one of your kind?”

“Virgins are the tastiest snacks,” the dragon replied.

Later, as Geoffrey picked bits of princess out of his teeth, he gave James directions to the home of the next damsel. He couldn’t wait to save the day again.


*Rough draft 204 words.

I got the idea for this story from a writing prompt:

Write a conversation between a dragon and the princess it has captured.

Being me, I decided to twist it a bit. My goal was to keep it under 200 words. I probably could pare it down but I like it the way it is.


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