Everything Update – 06/24/2018

Writing: I’m still working on my new project and I’m deep in character development. I did a little index card plotting and have a basic idea of where the story is going but the more I work on individual characters, the more interesting the story gets.

I haven’t written any scenes yet but will soon. I was in a writer’s funk (not quite a block) for so long I think I’m afraid to jump into actual writing. At this point, I’m happy to be working toward something rather than fretting about not writing.

The story is urban fantasy. I previously worked mostly on high/epic fantasy, which I love to read. The problem is I hate world building. I don’t have the patience for it.

With urban, obviously you have to world build but not to the same extent as high or epic fantasy. I enjoy writing high fantasy short stories, but I’m sticking with more modern settings for my longer stuff now.

Reading: The Dresden Files. There are other series I like better but I’m enjoying this one. I’m on the seventh book. Each time I finish one and pick up another I swear I can feel my ‘to-read’ pile glaring at me. However, since this is research I don’t feel too guilty.

If anyone has any suggestions for urban fantasy series, please share them with me. I’ve read Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews along with what I’m reading now but that’s it.

Medical: I got another injection in my back last week. It’s amazing. There is no perfect relief from this kind of pain but it’s enough that I can sit at my desk and work for longer so I’m satisfied for now. Plus I’m going on vacation soon so I’m glad I did this now.

Vacation: We’re going to Colorado this year instead of New Jersey. My in-laws are meeting us there. I like going to their home to visit but it means a three-day car ride. This year, we only have to drive eight hours! My lower back will be thanking me.

Going to a new setting will be great for my writing. Every vacation is a working one when you’re a writer. Yet it doesn’t feel like work when you’re excited about a story!

Writing two: I plan to write flash fiction stories set in the world of my new project. Once I have a few I’ll start posting them.

That’s all I have for now. I hope to post more often soon!


  1. How do you develop your characters? Do you put them in random short scenes to observe them? Do you do lists of aspects of them? I’m asking because I’m trying to get into more depth with my characters and am looking for ways to get this accomplished.

    I’m originally from Colorado. I spent all my years growing up there. Where will you be in Colorado? [Just curious.]

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    1. I start with lists. Everything from physical characteristics to what annoys them. Their flaws, strengths, quirks, religious outlook, obsessions, etc. I always ask them what they are hiding and write it down. Ideas always bloom from there.

      We’re going to Colorado Springs, then doing day trips.

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      1. Thanks for the feedback on character development. I have a list going for my protagonist but I’m wondering if it would be easier to dig deeper with pros.

        Colorado Springs is a relatively big city. If the car used is geared for the mountains, I hope you have the chance to go over Rabbit Hill Pass. It’s pretty much due west of Colo. Springs and will take you to South Park where a lot of the movie, True Grit was filmed.

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