100 Word Story

Flash Fiction (100 Word) – A Single Rose

Keren knew he was going to dump her when Drew gave her a single rose. He didn’t speak, merely handed it to her and walked away wearing his usual smug smile.

Bastard, she thought. In their overly long on-and-off relationship he’d repeated this process four times, making her despise roses.. This time, she decided, would be the last. At least she hoped.

In frustration she ground the rose under her foot, crushing it. The thorns cut her in four places. She met her future husband in the emergency room. He only ever gave her tiger lilies.



Okay, I lied, it wasn’t 100 words, it was 96. I was trying to write a 6 word story but nothing came to me so I decided to try a fifty word one. I couldn’t do it. Too many words came out and I couldn’t even edit it down. So I tried adding some words to make it one-hundred. I failed at that too but I figured 96 was close enough.

This all started with reading a few pieces of flash fiction that leaned toward romance. I suck at romance. I’m not trying to be overly critical of myself, I simply know my limitations. So I picked an object normally reserved for romantic intentions and some personal experiences and wrote this piece.

I’ve never been dumped with a single rose but I do prefer tiger lilies. They last longer and they have freckles, which in my mind adds character.

Photo by Ryan McGuire