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Story A Day Challenge – Day 20 – Flowers

Today’s prompt challenged us to write outside our normal genre. The problem for me is with short fiction I write in most genres. I’ve written zombie stories, ghost tales, fantasy, middle grade fantasy, a little sci-fi, literary, horror, humor, contemporary, etc. So I decided to go with a different tone.

Brian awoke suddenly. Flowers! He hadn’t bought Maggie flowers in a week. Guilt hit him as he dressed. How could he have forgotten? He rushed out and bought a bouquet of her favorite lilies. He hoped she wouldn’t feel forgotten as he laid the flowers on her gravestone.

The ghost of Maggie felt sadness wash over her as she watched her husband place the flowers. She’d believed when he didn’t buy them for a week that he was finally ready to let her go. She hoped he wouldn’t feel sad forever. If only he would smile she could move on.

The Prompt

Write a story in a genre that you wouldn’t normally write. If you’re a squeamish sort of person, try writing a gory horror story. Or if you hate everything mushy and lovey-dovey, try a tender romance. If you don’t normally write within a genre, pick one and try it out! 

I tried to come up with a ‘mushy, lovey-dovey’ romantic story but it just wasn’t in me. I also tried to do something on the erotica scale but sometimes my mother and children read this blog so I couldn’t even force an idea out let alone post something like that! So I stuck with sad. Most of my stories are either silly, funny, gross or have magic and dragons and such. I don’t like sad, I avoid it as much as possible. This was more out of my comfort zone than romance could ever be.

Rough draft 100 words

Story A Day Challenge – Day 13 – The Odd Couple

“Hey Kelsey, since you’re not doing anything, want to watch some TV?” Dave asked.

She glanced up from her book. “I’m reading.”

“Yeah, you’re not busy, let’s do something.”

“Not busy? I said I was reading.” Kelsey scowled. Why does he always do this?

“Reading is for losers. How about a movie?”

Patience gone, Kelsey debated throwing the book at him but it was her favorites and more important than him. “Sure Dave, I’ll meet you there.”

She firmly locked the door behind him. I’m glad I never gave him a key she decided and went back to reading.

The Prompt

Write about an odd couple. No, your characters don’t have to be an actual romantic couple. They can be siblings, classmates, friends, enemies, or anything in-between. But you do need to have a couple (two people), and they do need to be at odds. Their personalities and their motivations should be dramatically divergent. Try to exaggerate their differences and see what action transpires. 

I figured today was a good day for 100 words. I usually find super short stories hard to do but not this time. I’m lucky because my husband doesn’t think reading is a waste of time or ‘doing nothing’ but I’ve had a similar conversation with many other people throughout the years. The worst was a guy at work that could not understand why I would rather read my ‘dumb’ books than listen to his relationship woes and conquests. If you’re a reader you’ve probably had to deal with something similar.

I couldn’t come up with a title (no surprise there) so I used the prompt as the title. I really need to come up with ones that don’t contain the word the.

Rough draft 99 words

Flash Fiction – Beauty Is Pain

In the air I’m tasting your perfection. I once thought you were meant to be savored. I couldn’t stop myself from touching you. Why did I think it wouldn’t hurt? I was stupid to miss it. The signs were there. Maybe I believed I was somehow special enough to be the exception to the rule.

I’ll admire you from a distance. As beautiful as you are, as sweet as you smell, bandages are expensive and cuts on my fingertips really freaken hurt. I don’t care if Valentine’s Day is coming up, next time I’m getting carnations. They don’t have thorns!

I haven’t tried to write a 100 word flash fiction piece in a while so I thought I would do so today. I finished at 99 actually! This was the result of a prompt that said to pick a song and use the first line to start your story. The song is Collective Soul – Why Pt. 2. I never did like roses. I like flowers with character, like tiger lilies, which have freckles. (Yep, biased redhead here)

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget the Six Minute Challenge tomorrow!

Update (10 minutes after posting): I edited, it’s now exactly 100 words.

Flash Fiction – Maybe It Didn’t Happen The Way You Think It Did

Today I thought I’d use someone else’s prompt. I picked Writing Prompt #9 at Today, You Will Write.

You abandoned me. I felt safe and secure in your embrace and when I least expected it, you disappeared. I can’t pinpoint the moment I knew you were gone. Finding you was impossible. Trying to get you back, pointless. I almost felt guilty. Choosing between you and freedom, you never had a chance. I thought I got away. Revenge is sweet they say, and you would know. If I hadn’t lost you when I did, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Now, because of you, I’m stuck with the prince.

The prompt was to write about a shoe but I chose to write to the shoe.