I’ve been thinking about differences lately. I love dogs, but you might be more into cats. Another person might prefer rodents or serpents. I cannot truly understand that person but what I do know is they are a person. I probably won’t want to hang out with a snake owner as I have a very real phobia of snakes of all types and sizes but I don’t hate the guy who owns them.

Another example of how people are different are is in how we play. I’m into World of Warcraft and most things nerdy and/or geeky. I love action movies and reading fantasy. You might binge watch all procedurals and love thrillers. Others love romantic comedies and playing Scrabble. Some people collect sports memorabilia and hand money over to cable companies to get the largest sports channel package available. While others (me) only get the basics with HBO added in to watch Game of Thrones (even though I’m losing interest).

What about how we love? Some girls only date guys much taller and larger than them, while others like men closer to their size. Some men only date blonde women with large personalities while others prefer ladies with glasses and no makeup skills.

Some girls only like tall women while some guys prefer to date short men. Or you might only like people with dark hair and I might not have a true preference in features but don’t care for men who are a lot taller than me.

You wouldn’t think of calling me a bad person because I like dogs or Captain America. You don’t think poorly of me because my husband is blond when your partner is brunette. So why would you think less of my daughters for who they like, which happens to be other women?

We are all people. Why does anything else matter? If you don’t like snakes, you don’t hang out with a guy who owns them, but you don’t hate him. If you don’t want to be around someone who plays a lot of computer games then stay home, but you aren’t thinking they are horrible because they are different from you.

It’s simple. We’re all different from one another. If you want to judge someone based on their particular set of differences than you’re the one with the problem. Deeming someone worthy or not based on their sexuality, religious preference, race or other beliefs is ridiculous (and judging people is probably against your religion).

So I’m stating it here for all to see. I am an ally. You can love whoever you want, I won’t judge you. I’ll simply be happy you found love. I don’t care what religion you follow. If you find comfort in your beliefs then I’m glad for you. I don’t care where you’re from or what you look like, you’re people to me. If you are a snake person, I’m not visiting but I acknowledge your right to do whatever you want.

If you attack me because of any of the above factors then I’ll think you’re a jerk but I won’t think everyone else who believes as you do is an ass. If you have a different political opinion, we’ll just talk about cake.

You might not understand my love of Wonder Woman AND Captain Marvel. You might not get it that my entertainment involves orcs, elves, paladins and DPS. You may think it’s ridiculous that I won’t watch meaningful dramas or sit-coms. You might think I’m weird for spending most of my time making up worlds and people and dragons. If so, it’s okay. We’re simply different from each other. We don’t have to be best friends but I still respect you as a human. I truly hope you can say the same.

I grieve for the victims in Orlando, their friends and families and everyone else affected. I am astounded at the reactions, both good and bad. To the people donating blood, or giving food, or giving free flights, or holding vigils and showing respect, or even simply grieving too – I’m proud of you all and you give me faith in humanity. To the people being negative or hateful I am ashamed and embarrassed for you since you don’t have the decency to feel that way yourselves.

Photo Credit: Kelly DeBie