Working Out

Did I Dream This Day?

It’s been a strange day. Amazing, but weird. It started with my alarm scaring me so badly I almost yelped. I might have actually done it but I was out of it so I can’t be sure. I was super groggy when I got out of bed so it took me a while to notice I wasn’t in any pain.

You might assume I would jump for joy at this realization but not only do I never jump, as to avoid pain, but I was so confused by it I couldn’t have thought to be happy enough to leap. I simply let the dogs out and fed them, got ready and took my kid to school. I’m lucky I remembered to brush my teeth and throw a clippie in my hair.

After dropping her off I went to the gym, for the first time in four days I believe. I was a little nervous but even working out was odd today. First, I didn’t sweat while on the elliptical. I know, TMI but this was so out of the ordinary it’s worth adding to the list of strangeness that was this day.

Since it has been half a week since I worked out I expected it to be really hard but it wasn’t. I felt like I breezed through everything. Part of me wanted to stay longer and work harder but I was afraid my back would rebel. During all of this there was this tiny lady staring me down. I do mean the entire time. No matter where I went or what I did she was right there.

She had no expression on her face so I couldn’t figure out why she only had eyes for me. It was so uncomfortable! Eventually I got tired of it so after she once again got settled on the machine closest to mine I got up and went into the 30-minute workout room to finish up. I kept expecting her to come in there but she didn’t. I forgot about her and did what I needed to. When I left the room I saw her right outside the doorway but she was turned away.

I felt like a guilty child rushing past, hoping I wouldn’t get caught, but I did. A woman I previously worked with stopped me before reaching the other corner and we stood and talked for a few minutes. I was happy to see her but I wished we were standing anywhere but where we were. I could feel those eyes on me again!

When my conversation was ending, tiny lady walked past us and went into the locker room. So I went to sit in a massage chair for a while. While sitting there I realize I was being stupid. The poor woman had probably accidentally focused on me while she was working out and she might not have any idea she’d made me so uncomfortable. As there was nothing I could do about it I stopped thinking about it and tried to enjoy the massage.

Then I went to the locker room. Standing in front of my locker, naked, was tiny lady. She jerked a towel up in front of her, lengthwise, and scowled when she saw movement but as soon as she saw my face she relaxed and dropped the towel. She turned her back to me and went about her business. I don’t know precisely what that business was because I was too busy trying to find my locker without actually looking anywhere in its direction.

I’m pretty sure I bent sideways to retrieve my bag. This is impressive because as far as I know I shouldn’t be able to do that without a lot of pain. I promptly went into one of the changing rooms and closed the curtain. I heard a loud sigh from her, which prompted me to change slower than I ever have, ever, in the history of ever.

I heard another woman walk in and she made this odd little squeaky, gaspy sound. This was followed by a snort and a laugh, origin unknown. I’m sitting there on the little bench trying my hardest not to giggle at how ridiculous the whole situation was when I hear some huffing sounds. I believe they were offended noises but I can’t be sure, then someone walked out. I guess another lady had come in because one said “Can you believe that?” and another answered “Nope.” Then all was quiet and I finished changing.

When I peeked out there was only one other person in the room and she jerked around and stared at me in horror, then relief, I’m guessing because she feared I was also naked. She smiled at me sheepishly and we both left.

In the parking lot I was almost approached by a drunk woman asking for money (this was 9am!) but she was fixated on a man who’d come out before me. She kept yelling “Sir!” over and over but he was ignoring her. She turned in my direction and said “Ma’am,” but then turned back to the fleeing man and forgot about me.

I headed to what is quickly losing its title of ‘favorite writing place” to write. There was some guy in my spot, for the second time in a week. I guess it’s become his favorite spot too. So I sat in at the second choice table. It was a little uncomfortable because I didn’t have my laptop and while I can write without it, it was a change in my routine that threw me off. Still, I had my tablet and a spiral so I got to work.

The end of my novel was rearing its head at me. I was half excite and half terrified. Add in being weirded out by how my day was going and I had no clue if I’d be able to write. I did. My first task was to type up a few scenes I’d handwritten, then I wrote a couple more. When it came time for the last scene I realized I’d already written it, weeks ago, by hand. I was hungry by this point and my back started hurting so I went home for lunch and to search for the scene. I never found it. I searched through everything but it was nowhere.

I tried looking on the computer, just in case I’d already typed it up. It wasn’t there either. I searched through all my spirals and notes again, then again. Finally I decided to rewrite it. It irritated me because I liked the way I wrote it originally and I didn’t feel like the new version lived up to it, but I can fix it during revisions.

Then it struck me. I was finished with the first draft! I was so distracted by my odd day and the search for the elusive scene, I hardly noticed my accomplishment. I didn’t feel excited. I felt weird. It was like I couldn’t believe it or something. This day has simply been too weird.

So I must be dreaming, although I hope not because I don’t want to dream about odd tiny naked ladies, and spot stealing men. I certainly don’t want to write that final scene again!

Sidenote: There were several more odd occurrences today. From me leaving the dogs alone to take my son to the store without thinking about it (we never leave them unsupervised) to a woman calling me from the doctor’s office saying I owed $700 I don’t actually owe (which she discovered was an error on their part). I hope nothing else strange happens today. One can only take so much!

Good News From The Doctor!

I saw two doctors today actually. The first was the neurosurgeon. He said my x-rays looked fantastic and I should only have one more follow-up in 6 weeks. No physical therapy at this point but he did suggest I start going to a gym and use an elliptical and a recumbent bike, no treadmill.

We talked about the neuropathy in my toes. He wasn’t very concerned it would last but sent me to my pain doctor to handle the medication.

The pain guy is upstairs from the neurosurgeon so I walked up to make an appointment. Oh yes, I walked up some stairs, easily! As luck would have it they said they could fit me in within 15 minutes. It ended up being closer to thirty but I didn’t mind.

This doctor also wasn’t overly concerned about the neuropathy. He felt that it would probably last somewhere between 6-12 more weeks then work itself out. If I notice a difference I can wean myself off the pills and see if the pain comes back. I was happy to hear it. I was so worried this would be a permanent thing. Of course, it could be, but it’s unlikely so I’m hopeful.

Also, both doctors noticed I’d lost weight. One said repeatedly I looked good and the other was visibly shocked when he walked in the room and blurted “You look thinner!” It’s never bad for the ego when things like this happen.

So back to the part about going to the gym. My plan is to drag my husband to Planet Fitness on Friday and sign up. There is a physical trainer who can help me set up a workout program that works without devastating my back. I’m not looking forward to the sweat but I’m excited about starting down the road to being more fit. Ugh, did I mention I have to use the elliptical? Those first few workouts will not be fun. However, I am thoroughly a creature of habit. If I go on the same days every week and more important, the same times, I’ll get to where I do it without thinking about it.

Also I finally paid for Pandora One. Music has a powerful effect on me. If I can get a good workout station figured out, it will help greatly in getting me to work out regularly. Oh and I was thinking about getting some audible books. We’ll see how that goes. There is one more important thing I know will make it easier for me to develop this longed for habit. Planet Fitness is directly across the street from my daughter’s school. I will have no excuses. Maybe I’ll workout then go write before going home each time.

I’ll post an update on how it goes on Friday. I plan to pay and then get to work. Hope my husband is ready for it since I didn’t mention that part when I told him I wanted to sign up soon.

It occurs to me this will be hard because of the recent surgery but it will be easier than the last time I tried to work out because back then, no we won’t talk about how long ago, I was majorly addicted to Dr. Pepper. I drank that stuff all day, every day. Now I only drink water, tea, fruit juice and an occasional Coke, which sadly (I’ll be thankful later) is beginning to taste gross. I also eat better. So I really have to content with being careful and building up endurance instead of my own bad choices.

Wish me luck. I know luck isn’t going to make me do this but I’ll take all advantages I can get!