Another Writing Update

I am working on worldbuilding, cultures, religions, etc for five kingdoms for a fantasy series. Today my allergies have been winning so I decided it would be a good idea to sit back and watch some documentaries on religion as research. I’ve been meaning to do this for months anyway, so I figured I might as well do it on a day like this.

In my search I came across Going Clear on HBO. I don’t know why I watched it since it’s about a more modern thing and I’m writing epic fantasy but something drew my attention to it. I’m not going to say a lot because I’m still processing, but I will say that I’m freaked out. Enough that I think I’ll pass on any other documentaries for now and stick to reading about ancient and medieval religions instead!

I think I’ll go visit Cracked to clear my head.

Sidenote: I do have a character that is blindly worshiped by the people in her land and they would do anything and everything she asks, so maybe today’s adventure isn’t a complete loss.

Writing Update – Worldbuilding

As you probably figured out from the title, I’ve been working on worldbuilding. I have done this many times but there is something special about this time. I don’t know how to explain that statement, I can only tell you it feels different. I started working on it this morning and have been going mostly non-stop ever since. Even breaks for silly things like eating, picking up kids and a search for the perfect pocket notebook didn’t truly distract me from my world. After each interruption, I was able to pick up where I left off.

My biggest problem is I have too many ideas. I’m trying to write down as much as I can but some of these ideas are for other projects, or should be. I’ve taken to quickly jotting down excess stuff in a separate notebook, just in case. Normally extraneous ideas distract me but not so much this time. Writing them down doesn’t take much time and I’ve been able to get back on track right away.

I did have one moment when I took the time to do a mini-development of a random idea. I was a little early picking up my daughter so I wrote down everything I could think of while I waited for the school bell to ring. It was only about eight minutes but I got it all out and very soon I will have a new flash fiction piece to post.

Back to the worldbuilding, I was so into what I was doing that even a food court full of loud people didn’t distract me from my work. There is a grocery store where I live that has a largish eating area and a coffee shop in it. It’s normally not very busy in the mornings so I go there sometimes when I want to get out of the house. I was sick all weekend so I definitely needed to escape captivity for a few hours. When I walked in I was concerned because there were four very large, very loud groups there, but I figured I might as well try. By the time I got hungry these groups were gone and I was shocked. I never noticed anyone leaving.

I’m home now and after dinner I’m going to get back to writing. My plan is to keep developing the ideas that I had today but if I end up working on something else, like a silly zombie story I’ve got mapped out or the new flash fiction piece that showed up today, then I’ll be content.

By the way, if it sounds like I’ve done too much worldbuilding, because I did it all day, I’m only scratching the surface. I am writing a series that has many different realms and landscapes, with two different time periods, as many races as there are realms (including two different dragon species), and some cool magic. I have a lot to do and I’m loving every second of it!

Sidenote: I wish I could draw maps!