Everything Update

Writing: Not a lot to update here. However, I’m finally thinking like a writer again after all this medical BS I’ve gone through. I went to a hematologist yesterday (more on that below) and while waiting on results I found myself noticing the multicolored floor tiles in my room didn’t have a real pattern. I pulled out my notebook and wrote down my thoughts on it:

What’s under the floor? Is there a combination lock hidden in the lack of pattern? What are they hiding?

Maybe a little silly but there could be a good story percolating in those questions. A month ago I would have stared at the floor in a doctor’s office and zone out or gotten stressed about whatever the hell might be wrong with me. I see my ridiculous questions as progress back to being myself again.

I also keep thinking about my ghost story. I made a storyboard for it months ago, wrote a few scenes and some notes but haven’t touched it since, mostly because I thought I should work on a different story, the fantasy one. I haven’t been able to concentrate on said fantasy tale for a while so I don’t think it will hurt me now to work on something, anything for crying out loud! I stare at the storyboard and all I can think is the first act and half of the second are really a prologue or something to be brought up later. The story really starts in the middle of act two. So I got some poster board and I’ll move my index cards I from the first half to it and figure out how to change the middle. I’m super excited about it because it’s writing. I’m not staring at it thinking I just can’t deal with it now (like I have been since my appendix adventure).

I’m also going to try to get back into the class I’m taking. Thankfully it’s a work at your own pace kind of thing. Lesson 27 came out today and I believe I’m on lesson 15 or so. I don’t have to do everything in the class at my desk. My nice sturdy clipboard, my spiral and a pencil work well if I have to lay down.

No flash fiction lately but there is one mapped out and ready to be written. I keep changing my mind about the POV so I think I’ll write it from both options and see which I like better than flip-flopping and not working on it.

Medical: I got a second round of injections in my back today. It was so weird! Last time, in the middle of July, went so differently than today. In July, whatever they gave me that supposedly has a calming effect didn’t work, at all. This time, well let’s just say I didn’t really care how many needles they stuck in me lol. I didn’t exactly feel good, but nothing fazed me either.

I’m all healed up from the appendectomy. There is still a bit of soreness from the incision at my belly button but only if I press on it, which I don’t, or if the dogs jump up on me, which they are getting better about. It didn’t hurt me to lay on my stomach for the injections though. I still have a mega bruise near that incision but I’ve always bruised easily and kept bruises longer than most.

As for the hematology appointment. It was the most frustrating visit to a doctor I’ve had in this 3 or 4 month span of junk. The man was clearly knowledgeable but he spent more time making sure I knew how much he knew than telling me what I needed to know. It was like reading Michael Crichton! He would explain for a while about what could be wrong with me, then spend some time explaining how he thought none of the things he listed were actually wrong then ask me what I thought. Rinse and repeat for thirty minutes. He then said we probably didn’t need to do any really ‘big’ tests like a bone marrow test and he wanted to check my blood sample for 7 or 8 different things. After listing these off he said we should schedule the bone marrow test and we could cancel it if the blood tests indicated we didn’t need it. Huh? Oh did I mention that he only backtracked on the test when he brought up insurance and the costs adding up. I said “Oh I know all about it adding up, by Monday I will have seen my 8th doctor in four months.” Suddenly it was well maybe we’ll do the test and let me check your blood some more first. To be honest I don’t know what the hell is going on at this point. He said he originally thought my issue had to do with smoking but I quit almost five years ago so he discounted that. He didn’t seem to think it was anemia, which is what I was hoping for since it’s the easiest to fix. I didn’t come away from that appointment with any idea of what it could be really. He said he was checking for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a bunch of other things I can’t remember.

I should get a call from his nurse soon. At this point I don’t know if she’s calling to schedule the bone marrow thing or give me results or both. I do know I won’t make the appointment until after the results come back.

Photography: I wish I had more to say on this. I did take over 100 pictures while in New Jersey but around 20 of them were of one sunset and the rest were around my in-laws’ property while I was making myself ‘ambulate’ a few days after surgery. There were a couple of great dragonfly pictures, cool looking moss and some plant ones. I didn’t get to go to the abandoned summer camp I planned to visit or to any rivers or lakes or anything else. Maybe next year.

Reading: I’m still working on the various Shannara books. I enjoy them because I like adventure tales with magic, deception, battles and some coming of age stuff thrown in. However, as much as I like these books I can easily pick out the flaws now. I’m thrilled they are making these books into a TV show. I think it’s a better medium for this type of story. The show will be better than the books.

Personal: There is a comic-con in my city this weekend and I’m hoping I can go. It starts tonight but I’m not pushing my luck going so quickly after needles in the back. We can’t go tomorrow because my husband works, so the plan is to go on Sunday. I won’t know until that morning if I can go or not. Maybe I won’t be too sore or it may be a dumb idea to even try. We’ll see. I’m leaning towards being dumb of course. This is first comic-con we’ve had here and while I think it will be a little dinky, I don’t want to pass up the chance. I could be broke afterwards but I think it will be worth it. Oh and I don’t cosplay but I can’t wait to see all the people who do! I’ll let you all know how it goes.

This is silly but I got the email revealing the theme of Loot Crate for September and I can’t wait! It’s Summon. The art in the email showed some World of Warcraft stuff, Supernatural, Pokemon, maybe Starcraft, maybe Final Fantasy, and weirdly Homer Simpson. I’m a WoW and Supernatural fan. I’m not into Pokemon but my middle son is. My husband likes Starcraft and we’ll see about the rest. This is the crate I’ve been more excited about. I was thinking about cancelling my subscription soon but not anymore!

That’s all for now. Next week will be full of writing updates (fingers crossed)!

25 Reasons Why Blizzard Should Give Me Free World of Warcraft For Life

  1. I’m a serious player, I’ve yelled at enough 12-year-old boys during raids to prove it.
  2. I almost never believe a player claiming to be female actually is a woman, or even an adult.
  3. I am a woman, and I know how to PVP. I prefer to do dungeons and raids but at least I know how to do it all.
  4. I always do my job in a raid or dungeon.
  5. I’m old, at least compared to most players. I bring a certain level of maturity to the game. Like when I’m screaming at the idiot hunters, I always use the most appropriate curse words for the occasion. In fact, I am an expert at putting multiple curses together into entirely new and impressive insults.
  6. About hunters, I am fully aware that when I play on my hunter I turn into an idiot too.
  7. I’ve been playing a long time. I’ve tried to leave a few times but I always go back, proving that World of Warcraft is a forever commitment.
  8. I can discuss the game for hours with minimal food and bathroom breaks. I’ve convinced many other women to play. All of these former friends are exactly the same person I was five years ago so they are good WoW investments as soon enough they will convince people and make enemies.
  9. Speaking of minimal food and bathroom breaks, did I mention I killed the Lich King back in the day? I’m almost sure that I passed out in relief when that miracle happened.
  10. I’m a champ at leveling and can advise other how to do the same quickly.
  11. I still laugh when someone says Leroy Jenkins.
  12. Reading trade chat for an hour is an entertaining way to spend my time.
  13. Blizzard will always make money off me. If I got free WoW time I would simply buy more things from their store. I already spend the money monthly, so it’s in the budget.
  14. I’ll never get tired of ‘going back in time’ storylines.
  15. I didn’t hate pandas OR worgen.
  16. I am not a gold farmer, or an anything else farmer.
  17. I have played every class and most races. Sorry but I can’t stand to have a cow or dead person as a character.
  18. I play both Alliance and Horde. My heart is truly Alliance but at least I’ve tried both.
  19. My husband and I play together. He doesn’t get mad when I always win rolls on mounts and I almost never get mad when he wins all the rolls on gear.
  20. I’m great at coming up with character names.
  21. I think collector’s editions are worth the money.
  22. I bought a World of Warcraft messenger bag and I’m proud of it.
  23. Transmogrification is a win, see picture.
  24. I will go to Blizzcon someday.
  25. I met my husband playing WoW and I’m not embarrassed by it.

Sounds reasonable right?


Game day!

It’s release day for Warlords of Draenor. Will I play or will I write? Maybe I’ll be able to do both (HA). My plan is to write during the day and play when my husband gets home from work. I’m installing the game on both our computers now in preparation. I’m only on disk two and temptation is pulling at me already.

I’m still behind a little on NaNoWriMo so I truly need to get some work done. I’m stressed from NaNoWriMo so I really need some relaxation and downtime, say in the form of killing monsters and kicking butt in World of Warcraft. What I should do is write enough for today’s goal and catch up before I allow myself to play. That’s 3300 words. Well now that I feel like I’ve challenged myself I’d better get to work.

Nanowrimo catch up days!

I am behind with nanowrimo. I need to write close to 3000 words to catch up. I also need to write about that many tomorrow so I will be ahead for Thursday. I probably shouldn’t have done this but I pre-ordered the World of Warcraft expansion today. My plan was to wait until December to do that but my husband told me he wouldn’t play it without me so I changed my mind. He was content (yeah right) to wait until after nano but I really didn’t want to hold him back. So I got sneaky and went to Gamestop while he was at work and did the pre-orders. I texted him about it and he called me a butthead, totally making my day!

Now the trick is to make it Not a nanowrimo killer. Honestly, even though it will tempt me it won’t be that difficult to resist during the day. I don’t like playing without my husband and he works all day. So while he’s gone I’ll get my writing in and when he gets home, WoW time. I don’t normally get much in the way of writing done when he’s home anyway. If this sounds like I’m trying to convince myself, well that’s because I am.

For the Alliance!