Name questions

I’m wondering how other people feel about female characters with names that are traditionally male. I’m not talking John or George. I’m thinking more like Ian, Ethan, Rhett, Nathan, Liam. I have a character that just won’t accept a feminine name.  She’s not boyish, I think she’s just stubborn. This is a girl who inadvertently caused the deaths of most of the human population. She steps up and tries to fix things. She joins the fight to save as many people as she can and stop the war that she knows is her fault.

I want her to have a strong name. In fact I’ve been looking up names that mean strong. I haven’t liked most of the female names for her. I almost liked a few that are feminized male names but not enough.  I have liked several male names. None of the ‘unisex’ names were quite right. My issue is I want to name her whatever I want but I don’t want my choice to throw off a reader. This particular story is pretty new and I don’t want to move too far ahead without knowing who this girl is.  She’s 16 or 17. I haven’t decided exactly what she looks like but I have a vague mental image going. I know she’ll appear more dainty than she is. She’s short and angry. She’s curious and speaks before she thinks, both of which help to cause a disaster. This story is forming oddly for me. I’ve never had another plot so clear in my head without knowing more about my main character.

I guess I’m hoping if I name her then I’ll start to figure her out. Naming characters is not one of my strong suits. For now I’ll go back to writing and typing in GIRL when I need to use her name.

My nanowrimo note for the day is I’m at 38,000. I have finished the rough draft for that. I know that sounds really short but not only is it a book for kids, I need to fill in a lot of holes. I must work on my description but I don’t want to get into editing mode so it will wait until December. I’ve moved on to the story mentioned above. Hopefully between the two of them I will get to 50,000