Year In Review

I know your sick of ‘year in review’ posts but here’s another one.

How was my year you ask? Pretty good actually, with some bad here and there. The year started off with a funeral. My husband’s Grandfather passed away in January. We drove from Texas to New Jersey in two days to get there as quickly as possible. Life was mostly normal through the summer. There was a bad moment when my dog ate a bunch of rocks and one got stuck at the entrance of his intestines. He had to have surgery to survive. He’s great now and we never let him outside by himself. I wrote fairly, but not as often as I wanted. We went back to NJ to visit in August. Since we knew we could handle a long time in the car, we drove again. This time we took two of the kids with us and spread the drive over three days. We went to the shore, where I somehow managed to not get sunburned. In September the MLs for my Nanowrimo region announced there would be weekly workshops in October to gear up for November. I made the decision to get involved. Last year I lurked a bit in the Facebook group and never worked up the nerve. I didn’t even get close to winning. I went to each of the workshops and they were actually helpful. They were things I already knew how to do but it was nice to see other ways to get to the same point. World building, Characters, Plotting, etc. It was terrifying and wonderful to meet new people. Most of the people I met were as odd as I am so I got comfortable quickly. Getting to know people who do what I do, go through what I do with writing, well that was priceless. Through Nano I met the people who are in my writing group. One of the women invited me to go. I worked up the courage, somehow and went. I am super shy when I first meet people so this was one of those facing my fears kind of thing. It went well and I’ve gone to the group every week since. During November I went to a couple of the nano events. They kept me motivated, although some kept me distracted. Next year maybe only the last write-in is in my best interest. I won Nanowrimo! I absolutely believe it’s because I got involved. Writing is a solitary kind of thing, but motivation can come just by being around others that are in the same boat. It was peer pressure of the very best sort. I write almost every day and that is a direct result of doing Nanowrimo. Also in November, I started this blog. It’s evolving, slowly, but steadily. It mostly chronicles my writing journey, but sometimes I rant and ramble. It keeps me accountable. Hopefully this next year I’ll have all the technical stuff memorized. I started conquering my issues with flash fiction. I’m not doing too bad with that one. I’ve tried more ‘new’ things with writing than ever before.

Some minor things that also happened: I cut my hair off. I grew it out for four years, and I’m glad I did but I didn’t like it that long so I cut nine inches. I got a new printer (on Sunday actually). If you knew how frustrating the old one was you would seriously cheer at this one. I tried hot white tea and fell in love with it. I got a four-foot table to add to my desk area, now I write in a U-shaped nest that I adore. I got a laptop. That shouldn’t go under minor things though. It changed everything. I went into a Starbucks for the first time and didn’t completely hate it. I subscribed to Loot Crate and I will continue to do so. I’m a geek at heart.  That’s pretty much it. Next year will be a much busier one than this one. I plan to get more accomplished. I’ll post my resolutions and goals tomorrow.