Who Is The Rambler?

When I started writing, I wrote short stories. I learned quickly I have too many words in me to stick to shorts and moved on to longer tales. I’ve been working on various novels for years but only recently gotten to the point that I have a lot of time to dedicate to writing. The first novel I worked on was suspense. I would drift away from it fairly often to write out ideas that were constantly intruding. One day I realized that all the ideas distracting me were for fantasy stories. I shifted my focus and now love writing fantasy.

I have several projects in the works: I’m presently concentrating on an urban fantasy series; A middle-grade fantasy about a fairy and her friends awaits my attention again, and many first drafts begging for revision.

I love flash fiction. I never thought I was good at short stories, especially super shorts. I struggle to keep the word count down to a reasonable amount. That’s a challenge to myself I took up. Now, I’ve written over one hundred pieces of flash fiction. Most of them I think are good, so challenge met!

Non-writing things to know about me:

  • I despise broccoli.
  • I love pens (all office supplies really), boxes and dragons. I will never have enough of any of those things.
  • I miss mint. I developed an allergy to it.
  • I enjoy rereading books. The best compliment I can give an author is to add their work to my reread list.
  • My kindle is cool but I’ll never give up physical books.
  • I love lists. If you read many of my posts you probably already knew this. Bullet points aren’t bad!
  • Red is my favorite color. I should probably call it an obsession. I am a redhead and all my life I’ve avoided anything red because it looks horrid on me (silly right?). A few years ago I decided that I don’t have to wear it to enjoy it and I picked up some red canisters. This started an avalanche of red in my house. It was difficult but I resisted the urge to make this blog red.
  • I talk too much. If you’ve ever read one of my posts you already know this.
  • I don’t like shoes and only own a few pairs. I still get to be a woman though!
  • If I could have anyone on the planet as a mentor I would choose Brandon Sanderson. This one is writing related, oops!

As for the title to my blog, I am a writer, but I don’t always write about writing. I do often ramble so the title suited me. This blog, at its core, is about my journey. It will evolve as I do.



  1. You sound like one busy lady! Fellow lover of dragons, physical book copies and the colour red here πŸ™‚ I’ve already been following you on twitter for a while and thought I’d finally add you to my blogroll, too πŸ™‚ Nice to meet you! (again, sort of)

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  2. Hi Kristi,

    I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award. You don’t have to answer my questions for this or pass it along if you don’t want to, I just nominated you because I think your blog is great. πŸ™‚ I hope you accept the award!

    All the best,

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  3. hello!! i realize this is rather troublesome of me, but i realize you follow my blog. and i just changed my url, so you won’t be able to receive my blog updates unless you follow and unfollow me back again. just a friendly note here!! thanks!!

    i apologize for the bother:)


  4. Your hair looks very pretty in red. It suits you. I can’t see the canisters, so won’t comment on them. I personally like red clothes. I had to make sure to diversify my wardrobe so I wouldn’t have too much red. There are other colors that look fabulous on my darker skin tone, like purple.

    I also like red shoes, and will be posting soon with a pair of red shoes as my featured image. Red lipstick is a bit much, but there are shades that are complimentary. I got to have my lipstick. And I don’t have lots of red shoes, or 100’s in any color. Moderation is key!

    I imagine your house is a Powerful place to live. Red is a POWERFUL color!

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  5. I love dragons too! If you’re into astrology at all, you’ll understand the excitement I felt when I discovered I was born in the year of the Dragon (according to Chinese astrology).

    I’m not a hard core follower of astrology, but certain things strike me as interesting!

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