Beauty Is All Around Us


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. – Confucius

Why Is This Armadillo Smiling?

In west Texas we don’t bother with snow globes since that almost mythical fluffy white stuff only shows up occasionally to torture us. We do sand globes! With armadillos! And grassy stuff!

I found this at a ranching museum gift shop while out taking pictures. I also came home with a sunburn on the back of my neck and the crown of my head! I forgot about that problem when I cut my hair short again. Time to find a good hat. If only you all knew how little time I spend outdoors. It’s terrible and wonderful.

I’m happily exhausted and have two hundred or so pictures to sort through later. For now I’m going to do some writing and work on catching up on my class.

More updates soon.

Baby Steps In Photography

I got a new camera. It came with a sunburn and a massive caffeine headache due to the fact that I was out all day yesterday taking pictures of everything. I was too distracted by flowering weeds, weird ducks and cool looking trees to think of silly things like sunscreen and my caffeine addiction. It was hot, so I drank water. I barely remembered to eat that day.

Today I was a little smarter about it. I wisely put on sunscreen and drank some tea at lunch, which I set an alarm to remind myself of.

I’m getting to know the camera. It’s probably not very complicated but I’m a beginner with a DSLR so I have a lot to learn. Hopefully I’ll have all of that down by the time we take a road trip half way across the country this summer.

I have taken a ton of photos, some amazing things and some mundane stuff. I took pictures of places that I already had shots of with my phone camera, just to see the difference, and it’s dramatic! I’m having so much fun that I am okay with my feet hurting and my jeans developing holes in the knees because I kept getting down on the ground to take close-up pictures of ants and dandelions and tire tracks. Now that I’m sitting still my calves and knees hurt. I can feel some almost pain in my thighs and hamstrings but I think that’s a good thing. Getting a workout while doing something I like? Yeah I can do that.

Tomorrow will be much of the same but my husband is off so he’ll be getting exercise too while I drag him around. I plan to drive to my tiny hometown and take pictures of the tractor museum there. Did I mention it’s a very small town? In a farming community. The museum is mostly outdoors and some of the tractors have a haunting beauty I hope to capture.

I also hope to take some low light pictures tomorrow. Plus I want to get more photos of anything with cool texture (hence all the shots of weeds). I’ll post a small gallery soon.

I guess this is my writing for Write Anything Wednesday. I’m off to work on my class.