Short Stories/Flash Fiction

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The Fence

“Momma, why is the fence so high?” Taryn’s piping voice sounded, interrupting her mother’s thoughts.

“Because it has to be,” Laurel answered patiently as she continued pinning clothes on the line. It was the third time in a week Taryn asked the question.

“But why? You never tell me anything.”

Damn right I never tell you. “It keeps the bad things out.”

How Addie Became a Horror Writer

One day Addie sat at her desk writing, or at least trying. Virtually every time she started to get a thought on paper someone interrupted.

On Becoming a Monster

Everyone knew the stone creature was alive, though it never moved, because of its living eyes. Once, perhaps, it was a dragon. For ages it stood in the middle of town, as a reminder it was said, though no one knew what they were supposed to remember.

Best Day Ever

Harold tried it with a blue-eyed blonde. He’d attempted with a green-eyed redhead. He endeavored to make it happen with many brunettes and one with black hair. He moved on to men in the same order. Hell, he’d even tried with animals. It never worked. No matter who or what stood before him, he couldn’t kill them.

Lost Muse

Where was she? Would she ever find her? The muse didn’t have the answers. That morning she appeared on the sidewalk with no memory of who her person was. She knew only, as a muse, she has to find him or her as quickly as possible. They would have no creativity without her.

One Last Try

Thinking about the horrid, treacherous creatures gave her the chills. Talking about them was out of the question. She couldn’t even stand to look at pictures of them.

Stanley, The Grumpy, Kid Loathing Salesperson

When the big day came and the child was a girl they ditched the middle name and stubbornly kept the first. She became Stanley Margret Stevenson and she wore a lot of blue.

The Treasure

That bitch stole my Twinkie! It had to be Serena. His stepsister was the only one who knew it existed.

Celyn’s Tower

Celyn was the most beautiful maiden in the six realms. How anyone knew this was beyond her.


There was something familiar about the key. Had he seen it before?


As Graham stood beside his first love to say goodbye, he knew this would be the hardest day of his life.


Evan sat in the corner of the coffee shop slowly sipping his drink as he did every weekday morning. Maybe today would be the day, he thought. The day his cover was blown.

Friday Night

Lily heard a sound behind her, near the fence. Moving her head slowly she looked back. Nothing was there, but then, her night vision wasn’t the greatest. Still she knew someone was there. Even if she couldn’t see them yet, they would come for her.

Crazy Cat Lady

“What do you mean you lost my cat?”

Him Or Me

“Did you have to use a bomb?” Sheriff Bob asked his old friend as he surveyed the smoldering ruins before him.

Imaginary Friends

“Who the hell are you?” I asked, warily. “What are you?” Standing before me was a girl with bright pink hair, eighties clothes and rebellious makeup.

“I’m your imaginary friend.”


“Can I just have a salad?” the young dragon asked his mother.

Bad Jokes Count

Realization hit. I hadn’t laughed.

The Riverbank

“Get him to the water and everything will be okay.” Fourteen year-old Jen told her sister.

Maybe It Didn’t Happen The Way You Think It Did

You abandoned me. I felt safe and secure in your embrace and when I least expected it, you disappeared.

Blood Is Thicker

If she hadn’t left him she wouldn’t be standing there now, her dark wet hair hanging in her face, in front of his apartment.

A Valentine’s Day Story

He looked like a Jeff, so that’s what I’ll call him.

Table For Two

He set his drink down hard. The liquid that splashed over me was so cold it made my scar ache.


  1. So neat to find another writer who likes flash fiction. I’d like to see more of it mainstream but there are more mags now that want it anyway. There’s a group on Twitter that does Flash Fiction Fridays I think too, FYI.

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