Books I Should Have Already Read — Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

This book seriously made me angry. I wanted to hate Jorg. I do hate Jorg. I’m invested and I was rooting for Jorg. I don’t like roller-coasters but I found myself staying on this one. I had a few problems with it, but mostly I loved it. I mean hated it. See?

The first problem I had with it was the beginning. It’s hard to relate to a thirteen year old kid who commits rape and kills an entire village. In all fairness, I’m not really into the anti-hero thing, nor am I into dark fantasy. Jorg, the main character, is beyond an anti-hero. That said, I kept reading.

The next problem that kept poking me in the head was a hard time believing the “brothers” in the story would follow Jorg. He’s nuts. He’s hardened. He’s fearless. So are each of his followers. The way I handled this issue was to deliberately decide to suspend disbelief. I figured there was a reason and kept reading.

I didn’t like any of his brothers. I wasn’t supposed to. In that, the author did an amazing job. I was thoroughly disgusted with the way each looked, their personal hygiene, their goals and lifestyle. They were gross! Halfway through the book, there weren’t many characters that I did like. I kept reading.

Are you seeing a theme here? There are so many things to hate, but when you read it, and you should, you’ll love it. You’ll curse yourself for not being able to put it down, then you’ll go out and buy book two. This book is meant to disturb and delight you. If you experience it the way I did, you’ll find yourself wondering why you like it, but in the end you won’t care about the why. It’s a hard read but love it or hate it, every fantasy reader should read it.

There are some interesting twists and turns that I’ll let you discover for yourself. Lawrence’s settings are superbly done.

Jorg is the best of the worst, or worst of the worst. You’ll like him, in spite of him. You might want to smack Mark Lawrence when you thank him though.

Not a read for the faint hearted. I’ll probably get bitten for this but in MY opinion, I think men would like it better than women. I lean towards books that are geared towards men so that’s not really a problem in my eyes.

I’ve decided not to rate with stars or numbers because this book is so different from all others I’ve ever read that I think a comparative rating would be not only unfair, but inaccurate.

Sidenote: There are many lovely, quotable lines throughout the book. My favorite is:

What burns so bright cannot endure.


This was the first of the books I should have already read. I am undecided which book I’ll review for next month. I’ll update you all when I decide. For the full list click here to read my post laying out my reading plans


  1. Yes I also hated Jorg in the beginning…. Started to really like him towards the end of Prince of Thorns. Totally love him halfway throuhg King of Thorns. Mark lawrence is a master of characterizatiion I think… Dostoyevsky level I daresay.

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  2. I’m torn when it comes to this series. I didn’t like Jorg or the brothers, except Makin. I liked him. I think they all get their back stories explained in the second book. The third book is where it all falls apart in my opinion. Over all did you like the book?

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