Story A Day Challenge – Day 30 – A Dozen Roses

Jeff was in love. It wasn’t a love that started slowly and built up over time. This was a love at first sight thing. It happened on his lunch break and made the rest of the day perfect.

When he left work he stopped and bought himself some roses. The owner of the flower stand shook her head, as she often did when he came by on the first Tuesday of every month. Jeff didn’t care what she thought. After all, everyone always said you have to love yourself first and it was one hell of a haircut.

The Prompt

Jeff  was walking to the parking garage after work when he comes upon a flower stand full of beautiful roses. Jeff decides to buy a dozen roses for his lover. 

I wish I could be as happy as Jeff every time I get a haircut!

No shock that I decided to twist the prompt to suit me. I couldn’t think anything that wasn’t literal until I decided to do a 100 word story. This is also the last day of the write a story a day in September challenge and I skipped yesterday so it’s appropriate that I added the additional challenge of writing something so short.

Rough draft 98 words.


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