Eureka and all that…

I had a breakthrough in re-plotting tonight. Thanks to Ryan at A Writer’s Path. In his post he explains the seven point structure. It isn’t something I have ever tried to before. I’m not even sure why, I’ve read a little about it before. I guess I somehow assumed it wouldn’t work for me. When I saw Ryan’s post I figured nothing else was working, I should give it a try. It’s so simple and makes so much sense. I feel silly for not trying it earlier. I have no idea if it will work with other projects I have but I certainly will try it out. I can’t keep being a creature of habit. Change is good. Obviously trying something new can break you out of a rut. If you haven’t already, go visit A Writer’s Path, it could help you too.


  1. Thanks Kristi! I’ve been trying to break down my redraft into the key points but kept getting waylaid by the subplots. This post has been very helpful… I’ll be giving the seven-point story structure a shot, too.

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