What’s Up With Tuesdays?

Last Tuesday I was having ‘a day.’ Today is just flat-out crappy. Two Tuesdays in a row don’t necessarily make a pattern but if next week is bad I’m staying home!

It all started with an ill-mannered dog. His name is Link and he’s a pain at times. He always thinks he has the right of way. Also he likes to walk right where he knows you’re going to. He is the ‘any attention is good attention’ type. Normally I can avoid his foolishness and he does understand the word ‘move.’ Today was different.

I don’t know what made him do it but after sitting with the others to get a treat he shot out in front of me as I was stepping forward and there was nothing I could do to save myself. Down I went. I would have fallen on the other dogs but they were smart enough to dart out of the way. I have no idea what sound came out of my mouth but I know it scared the hell out of Link.

His usual M.O. when he messes up is to get as close to me as possible, to the point of trying to crawl under me at times. Not this time. He stayed as far away as possible. I was so angry and in so much pain.

I stood up and gave the dogs their damn treat and went to wake up my kid. Then I went to my room and sat and fumed. For the rest of the morning if the poor dog came near me when I was walking I firmly said move. He acted like he was going to be kicked or something. I’ve never struck an animal. Hell I already felt guilty for being so mad at him. It’s like being mad at a toddler for accidentally spilling milk.

Eventually I made Link feel better and let him try to crawl under me, adding to my pain because I got down on the floor but he needed it. I wasn’t mad at him anymore but I was still in angry mode.

The gym beckoned and I’d hoped to work off the frustration but it was not to be. The pain was bad enough I only did half the workout I normally would. I was on the Arc Trainer (similar to an elliptical) for 7 minutes before I was forced to give up. I was on the recumbent bike for about four minutes and that was only because I was pushing myself. I didn’t try any machines or weights.

None of this helped my mood. I was irritated I couldn’t really work out and scared I’d done some serious damage to my back. Planet Fitness has massage chairs so I sat in one for ten minutes and it helped so the fear went away. If that could help me then it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Knock on wood and all that.

I left the club and headed to my normal writing spot. There were a bunch of cars in the parking lot, which is odd for how early it was. As I parked I knew those elderly table hording couples had to be there. Sure enough they were. The ladies had learned to take up only one table. Unfortunately it was MY table lol.

There were others along the way so I sat down and started to get comfortable only to discover I never put my earbuds back in my laptop bag. It wasn’t the end of the world but not only was there loud, bad music playing, but this place gets super loud at 11:00 so I need to have my music in my ears or I won’t be able to get anything done. I packed my stuff back up and ran out to the car to grab the buds from my workout bag. I’m almost positive I’m going to be upset in the morning when I realize I forgot to put them back.

About ten minutes later the female part of the elderly group got up and started to leave. I waited until they were away from the table and I moved my stuff. It got a little funny because they hadn’t actually left but were standing around the table their husbands still sat out. One of them went to throw something away in the trash can near the sought after table and thought my stuff was one of her friends. When she asked if it was theirs her friend said “No, she’s moving.” Her tone was worthy of a pissy teenager. The one who’d asked looked shocked and kept staring at me as if I’d stolen the spot out from under them.

I couldn’t help but silently laugh. They were offended I wanted to sit at their table and I get all grumpy if they’re at my table. It’s nice to know that even older adults can be as childish as I can be haha. They are probably creatures of habit just as I am. Next time I won’t be irritated now that the silliness of the situation is apparent. In all likelihood I wouldn’t have been as grumpy about it today or last week if I wasn’t already having a bad day.

Reading back over the last paragraph makes me want to make something clear. I wasn’t laughing or cheered up because I pissed off some old ladies. I was laughing and cheered up because they made me realize how ridiculous I am at times, especially when I’m angry.

If I’m not too distracted I’m going to work on world building some more today. I also plan for one of my characters to have a bad day too (thanks for the suggestion Jesse) so I’ll be doing actual writing.

School ends this week, which means two half days and little time to work for me, so I might not have any updates until next week. I’m going to try to write a short story. If I do I’ll post it soon.

I wonder if writing this post could be considered procrastination?



      1. Haha! I definitely don’t have the stress of kids just yet, so I can at least try to make my weeks less stressful or just leave my Tuesdays more open for relaxing activities to prepare myself. Maybe I should just order pizza every Tuesday from here on out. What’s the worst that could happen?

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  1. oh man, that’s quite a day! Thanks for posting … help me to realize how ridiculous I can be when angry as well! … my day started off similar and involved my dog, RJ. As I was walking him this morning, before I took my son to school and get myself to work, he decides to jet off towards two other dogs who were been walked too. Of course, he’s on a leash and almost pulls my arm off! Usually, I’m prepared for this but I had just got the mail, planning out my day as I walked, and tried to be aware of where other dogs are (since RJ tends to be a little aggressive). As he’s pulling away and not listening to my commands, I mange to pull him back with enough force where he tumbles over hard. Of course, he jumps up and like nothing happened and tries to pull away again … now I’m pissed at him because I had to do so to keep my arm in tact and keeping him from getting away from me. Needless to say, the rest of them morning followed suite as I was pretty pissed by now! Although I managed to keep calm while I got my son out of the door … another boiling point for me since he choose not to listen either after multiple reminders to get his coat, backpack, and lunch bag!

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  2. That’s not a good Tuesday, especially the painful, falling part. I’m sorry to hear it, Kristi.
    I used to have a public writing spot at the YMCA, too, but the people I encountered (some seniors in that setting, too) were generally really nice and accommodating. Heck, they even offered me some of their baked delectables sometimes. It was kinda nice, contrasting the solitary writing thing I do now. Anyway, best wishes on world building and/or the short story (I’m not sure if the world-building is for the short story or not).

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  3. I have a theory about Tuesdays. I dread Mondays. I hate them, so Tuesdays seems like it should be the beacon of hope, the day after Monday and one day closer to Friday. So when it doesn’t meet my expectations I get annoyed and throw the whole day away. When it’s really just another day and it’s my fault it was so crappy. Although, if some old ladies sat at my table I probably would have been a little annoyed too.

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